Tundra Tonics started with one dog musher here in Alaska who shared the concept of “fire-tonic” with the founder who immediately fell in love. I mean, raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, onion, garlic, turmeric, and anything else you want to add all steeping in the pungent vinegar for weeks and weeks, what’s not to love?

We brought our tonics to a farmers market here in Fairbanks Alaska, then another market, then a big event, and another, and things just kept going from there. We believe in whole, raw, healthy foods. We believe in sustainably harvested wild ingredients like chaga, lions mane mushroom, spruce tips and so many more.

Now Tundra Tonic is available in many stores, we collaborate with lots of other small Alaskan businesses, and we’re planning good things for the future so that we can be an example of ethical, sustainable, grassroots DIY success.

We also believe in leaving a small footprint so everything is done by hand. Part of our small footprint are small things like buying back Fairbanks-customers’ empty clean bottles for a $1 each.

We host fire-tonic making workshops in the fall here in Fairbanks and are setting our sites on being able to offer additional skills and more community involvement as we grow.